We strive to provide our customers with the PREMIUM EXPERIENCE of roasted coffee at a fair price to the producers and our guests, excellent service, and cordial attitudes. Our commitment and loyalty to customers, knowledgeable employees, the environment, and in our community is what defines who we are at the end of the day. 

Why Planet Mocha  

It has been happening all over the world. The daily coffee drinkers are shifting their taste buds. It is no longer acceptable for them to indulge in inferior tasting coffee. Their developed taste buds are demanding coffee of a superior quality! Coffee drinkers want something more than the overhyped mud-water in a coffee cup. This is sadly something we all see and accept as the "norm" for coffee... do we accept this? NEVER! We are one of the many coffee experts taking a stand against inferior tasting, inferior quality and inferior prepared coffee! What some "experts" fail to show you is that there is SO MUCH MORE to be offered in a genuine, mask free, cup of coffee – and for the same price as "mud-water" coffee. Welcome to something better. Welcome to Planet Mocha Coffee House.

What Does It Mean? 

Coffee is beautiful and coffee lovers can only expect MORE from a coffee house who truly appreciate its uniqueness and natural qualities. Superior coffee, aka “mocha” coffee, is something we truly believe in here at Planet Mocha™ Coffee House. It’s excellence in a cup! When one hears the word “mocha,” they automatically direct their attention to chocolate or a mixture of chocolate and coffee. The truth is that in 1733, “Mocha” was first defined as coffee of SUPERIOR QUALITY, and was only sold in a marketplace located on the Red Sea, port of Yemen. When Mocha Coffee first reached western civilization in 1849, the natives tasted this fine quality coffee bean and found that it had an unusually rich flavor of chocolate. From then on, they redefined the word “mocha” coffee to mean "chocolate infused coffee." To us, Planet Mocha™ means something more – it’s the experience. It means sending your taste buds on an adventure to an amazing world of superior quality coffee. Don’t sacrifice your taste buds to inferior tasting coffee any longer. It’s time to wake up and TASTE A WORLD OF COFFEE!

Our Story

"Coffee is Energy. Energy is a necessity of life."